EH1600WS Acrylic Diamond
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YH1600WS Acrylic diamond polish machine description:
1.Workpiece length unlimited extension, which can meet long workpiece polishing
2. Touch screen operation panel, simple and convenient.
3. The spindle feed and the cutting Angle adjustment adopts servo drive.
4. The digital adjustment, high precision.
5. The machine PC control, stable performance.

Acrylic Diamond Polish Machine YH 1600WS Parameter :

外观尺寸 Power 2800x1400x1800mm
供电要求 Machine size 380v
主要转速 Principal axis speed; 6000-9000 R/Min
切割速度 Cutting speed 0- 1000mm/Min
切割角度 Cutting speed 0* - 60*
 压缩空气 Compressed air >0.60Mpa
 整机功率 complete machine power < 5.5KW
 整机重量 complete machine weight 2500KG
 切割深度 principal axis depth cut 0 - 1mm
 切割方式 cutting manner  主轴进给 spindle feeding 
 加工尺寸 work size  1600x120mm
 集尘口尺寸 dust mouth size 100mm

Warranty&After-sales Service:
1. Warranty for 1 year for the whole machine(excluded consumable parts).
2. Response within 24 hour by email or calls.
3. User-friendly English manual and CD for machine usage and operation.

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