EMHM J1313, Laser Cutting Machine for Both Metal and Nonmetal
EMHM J1313, Laser Cutting Machine for Both Metal and Nonmetal Laser Cutting Machine Laser Cutting Machine Selangor, Kuala Lumpur (KL), Sungai Buloh, Malaysia Supplier, Suppliers, Supply, Supplies | ETO Technology Machinery Sdn Bhd
Product Model : J1313
Product Overview :
Low power consumption,within 3kw/h. Good cutting quality than plasma cutter. Reasonable price, good cutting accuracy. Capable for metal and nonmetal cutting.

Main Configuration
*  Metal cutting following system
*  Fixed beam optical laser system
*  High precision Stepper motor
*  Imported ball screw and guide rail  
*  Touch screen controlling system
*  Industrial chiller

Technology Parameter
Laser power : 150W Reci Co2 Laser tube
Working Area :1300*1300mm
Positing accuracy :±0.05mm
Positing speed :20000mm/min
Power supply : 220V±10%/  50/60Hz  10A
Gross power : <3000w
Gross weight : 500KG
Cooling mode : Water cooling
Supported Software : CAD / CorelDraw
Graphic format support : BMP/ PCX/ AI/ TIFF/ PLT/ CDR/ DWG/ DXF
Interface : USB/ RJ45/ U disk
Driving motor : High speed stepper motor
Transmitting mode : Imported ball screw and linear guide rail
Lens and Mirror : Imported from Singapore
Auxiliary equipment : Industry Chiller/ Exhausting kit/ Air pump
Auxiliary gas : Oxygen is needed for metal cutting only
Cutting Capability: Stainless Steel≤3mm, Wood or MDF  ≤10mm, Acrylic/PMMA  ≤30mm
Cost effectiveŁ¬Wide Application
J1313 is capable for stainless steel/ carbon steel, acrylic, leather, fabric, MDF and wood, carbon paper or related material laser processing. It is your ideal laser cutting machine combined with stability and cost efficiency, especially for those who majoring in advertising  industry.

Independent R&D Following System
The laser cutting following system is researched and developed independently by us, which is completely in possession  of intellectual property. It can keep stable focus on the high moving. The function of anti-collision protection ensures laser head’s safety.

Advancing Controlling System
It is very easy to operate based on the windows software system, its operation is the same as common computer. The  conveying between computer and machine tool through USB port, then we can prepare for the next processing as it is working at the same time. The network can remote control, easy operate and technical support.

High Precision Ball Screw
Hanma Laser uses ball screw drive technique from producing the first cutting machine, which has rich experience in this part. Ball screw has high precision, easy lubrication, low fray, and low noise on all the advantages. It is of highly reliability and precision.

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